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Magnification endoscopy
Amyn Haji partners with hospitals to use the latest HD technology and magnification (zoom) endoscopy. The endoscopes used to examine the bowel are 80-130 x zoom compared with routine endoscopes used and this allows for detection of polyps clearly and detection of early cancer. The endoscopes also offer 520 x zoom so that the polyp once identified can be seen as if seen under a microscope reaching an instant diagnosis and saving worries of waiting for biopsies.
Amyn Haji is a world expert in these techniques and chairs the International Magnification Endoscopy group. He also uses artificial intelligence software to enable detection of polyps and also make a diagnosis.
Having an endoscopy as a screening procedure with these techniques ensure that you have the best quality equipment and expertise to ensure that polyps are not missed.

Colon polyp and magnification

520 x magnification of colon polyps seen during your endoscopy making an instant diagnosis without biopsy
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